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I have always been an avid reader. I read fiction and nonfiction.  When I read fiction - It's almost a guarantee I am reading a romance novel.

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Desert Rain - Elizabeth Lowell Firstly - I have read several books by Elizabeth Lowell and loved them. But this one was pretty awful. There was absolutely no chemistry between the hero and heroine. They had grown up near each other, and the heroine had apparently had a crush on him since she was a kid and he was a young strapping teen, but beyond that there was no apparent reason why these two should be together - nor did I care if they were together. The hero was a chauvenist jerk, and the heroine was just...wishy-washy. The cheese factor was through the roof. For the first half the hero does nothing but make lame sexual innuendos. This was one of those books where the hero treats the heroine poorly until he finds out she's a virgin and then suddenly she's worthy of him.

I would have stopped reading this book but the dialogue and story were actually so bad that it was comical. I think part of it may have been that I listened to the audiobook, and the reader did the hero's 'voice' in such a way that it sounded like he smoked three packs of cigarettes a day.

This was also my first experience reading a contemporary from such a long time ago (1983), and I'm not sure I liked it.