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The Black Angel - Barbara Samuel I liked this book. The writing is beautiful, and the story is solid. I adored the hero - Tynan Spenser, and I really enjoyed the entire St. Ives family. The story touched on issues such as feminism and sexism, as well as racism and religious persecution. I loved that the story delved into the persecution of the Irish Catholics at the hands of the English protestants - a theme that is rarely touched on in the historical romance genre. It is for her brilliant writing and her ability to make a reader love... truly LOVE her characters that Barbara Samuel is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.

There were some issues with this book. While the story focused on Tynan and Adriana, we were also introduced to a plethora of secondary characters, who all had very deep, complex stories of their own. At times it seemed that the story was taking a lot tiny detours that never went anywhere. I felt that Ms. Samuel was trying to set the stage for future books in the St. Ives series, but the way it was done was a bit confusing. As the reader, I felt I was being presented with too many potential heroes and heroines of different novels which were never developed. This aspect took away from Tynan and Adriana's story rather than added to it. It is for this reason that I give it four instead of five stars.

Furthermore, only one other St. Ives book was written following this one (focusing on St. Ives sister Cassandra), which is frustrating because I really loved the family dynamic, and would have liked to see more books featuring the other St. Ives children. I hope Ms. Samuel chooses to continue this series at some point.