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I have always been an avid reader. I read fiction and nonfiction.  When I read fiction - It's almost a guarantee I am reading a romance novel.

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Allie's Moon - Alexis Harrington Althea (Allie) Ford is a spinster who has resigned herself to a life of caring for her sickly little sister after her mother's suicide and her unkind father's death. Known by the townsfolk of Decker Prairie, Oregon as the 'Crazy Ford Sisters,' the two young women live a life of virtual isolation out on their untended farm, where they are haunted by painful ghosts from the past.

Jefferson Hicks is an ex-Sheriff who descends into a deep depression and alcoholic haze after shooting a teenaged boy in self-defense. Having lost his sobriety, his wife, and his will to live, Jeff becomes the town's #1 derelict and most undesirable citizen. Then one day, the new Sheriff arrests Jeff for stealing and egg, and offers him an opportunity to work for Allie on the Ford farm in lieu of spending a month in jail.

As Jeff sobers up and cleans up (both figuratively and literally), he grows closer to Allie. Soon, his old self reemerges and his vitality and self-respect return. As Allie begins to see the goodness in Jeff, as well as herself, a slow-burning, yet intense passion and love develop between them.

Outside forces are working against them, however, and Allie and Jeff must hold on to the strength they have found in one another if their happiness is to survive.

One of my very favorite elements in a good romance is a tortured and downtrodden hero and heroine, who have been badly burned by their pasts but find strength in one another. Fortunately, this is also the type of character Alexis Harrington seems to really enjoy creating. And she does it very well. I loved Allie and Jeff, and I loved that they leaned on and supported one another when neither had anybody else in the world.

Another aspect of Ms. Harrington's writing that I love is her ability to create deliciously thick sexual tension that leads up to very emotional and explosive love scenes, and yet still give the whole story a sense of purity and sweetness that really warms the reader's heart.

Allie's Moon is the fourth book by this author I've read, and although it certainly isn't my favorite (Homeward Hearts takes that prize), it is still a very satisfying read.