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I have always been an avid reader. I read fiction and nonfiction.  When I read fiction - It's almost a guarantee I am reading a romance novel.

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The Sun and the Moon (Wexford Family #2) - Patricia Ryan The sequel to Silken Threads. This book tells the story of Hugh of Wexford, the brother of the heroine in its predecessor.

I wavered between a five and four star only because there were certain actions by the characters (secondary as well as primary) that I did not like. But, overall, this book was excellent. And I adored the hero and heroine, both of whom struggled with some internal demons. This is one of those stories where two fiercely independent characters struggle for a long time before they can finally admit their feelings for one another. So, of course, this makes for some highly emotional scenes and a really good HEA. The dialogue between the two main characters is wonderfully intelligent and witty. It also had a good suspense element. The plot surrounds a spy mission in which the characters are involved for the King of England, so this aspect provides some necessary danger and intrigue that will push our characters along as their relationship develops.

Highly recommend both this book and its predecessor, Silken Threads. Patricia Ryan is an excellent writer.