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I have always been an avid reader. I read fiction and nonfiction.  When I read fiction - It's almost a guarantee I am reading a romance novel.

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Follow the Sun - Judith Arnold NOTE: According to the Kindle version, this book was originally published as a Harlequin Super-romance in 1994 under the title Alessandra and the Archangel.

Sandra Garcia is a young reporter who longs to make her name in the world of hard-hitting investigative journalism. But this is L.A., and her chauvinistic boss is giving all of the good assignments to her male colleagues while she gets stuck writing puff pieces. Her latest assignment is to write a profile of the quintessential hero of the Chicano community in East L.A. - Rafael Perez. He is the owner and CEO of Aztec Sun Productions, which makes low budget, but high earning, films that appeal to the Chicano community. Sandra - determined to make a name for herself - looks for the story beneath the story. As soon as she meets Rafael, Sandra is convinced there is more to this enigmatic man than just a rare success story of a young Chicano youth who made it out of the Barrio and became a millionaire. But with Rafael's continuing attempts to keep her away from the secrets his past, the harder she digs to try to find it. Along the way, they both try to fight the growing attraction between them. But when tragedy strikes the set of Rafael's latest film, Rafael and Sandra will learn how far they are willing to go to hold on to trust, friendship, and love.

Ok, since there was absolutely no synopsis to this book, I felt the need to write the kind that one would find on the back of the book jacket. So, I did my best.

This was a pleasant read. Very typical of what I've come to expect from Judith Arnold. The romance itself was good, the details surrounding the main suspense conflict were a bit of a stretch. I liked the characters. A good, quick read. It was a freebie a while back on Kindle, and it was originally published on Kindle as "Aztec Sun" but then became "Follow the Sun" I guess, sometime after publication on Kindle. The Original Title was Alessandra and the Archangel, and you can google that title and find the original HQN cover.