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I have always been an avid reader. I read fiction and nonfiction.  When I read fiction - It's almost a guarantee I am reading a romance novel.

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On the Island - Tracey Garvis-Graves I bought this book shortly after the buzz began. The plot is what sold me. The hype is what kept me from reading it until now. So glad I read it. It is written in first person, but the perspective switches back and forth between the hero and heroine.

This book sucked me in. I couldn't put it down. Reading about their survival on the island was intriguing. I had a discussion with my sister today about this plot, and she was a little skeeved out by the age difference, but... in the context of being stranded on the island... the romance really worked, and the age thing was not an issue. Their love felt completely believable despite the ages. There is no social construct on the island telling them that they are incompatible. I thought the author realistically and thoughtfully handled the obvious challenges the couple faced after returning to civilization.

If I have one complaint, it is only that the wrap=up and ending seemed a little too treacle-sweet, but overall I didn't mind that enough to let it affect my impression of the overall book.

The writing is good - sharp and to the point. This is a story that really grabs the reader, and has the perfect balance of narrative and dialogue.