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I have always been an avid reader. I read fiction and nonfiction.  When I read fiction - It's almost a guarantee I am reading a romance novel.

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The Indiscretion - Judith Ivory The first half of this book - loved it. As I was reading I thought finally a book that lift me out of my slump! But no... then the second half came a long and it just kind of died. The heroine became way too prissy, and the author kept up the characters' willful stubbornness up for far too long. I kept getting to points in the book where I was like "Oh ok, now finally they will break and show their true feelings." Nope. As the reader, I felt like kept getting the fact that these two just didn't get along drilled into me over and over again. OK, ok, I get it - they're both outrageously stubborn and competitive. It got to the point where I seriously began to stop caring whether they got together or not.

I liked Sam. Wasn't too fond of Liddy, especially in the latter half of the book.

I gotta say, too that I was highly disappointed with the pregnancy. I felt like that was the impetus for the heroine to finally relent and admit her feelings for the hero. I didn't mind that the heroine became pregnant... but I wanted her to admit her love for the hero BEFORE she found out she was pregnant... AND before she found out he was disgustingly rich. Prior to finding out that information, she was more than willing to abandon him and be mean to him at every turn. I felt bad for poor Sam. I also did not care for the 'contractual' marriage, and then having the heroine walk out on it to assert her independence. I didn't want it to have gotten to that point. They both should have been willing to admit their feelings long before it came to that point. It was frustrating. And it kind of made me question that reality of their HEA.

But over all it was well written, and despite my issues - the book had me riveted. I could not put it down. And the first half of the book with them on the moor was seriously hot... great build-up of tension, and awesome love scenes.